Drinks and food menu

Christchurch mobile coffee café, Kiwicoffee, also curbs hunger with a range of delicious snacks.

Morning food savouries include bacon and egg in freshly baked baps and a range of sweet and savoury muffins. Throughout the day  the  Christchurch mobile coffee cafe offers a selection of homemade biscuits, iced carrot cake and delicious muffins.  Freshly made salads, sandwiches, lasagne, sushi and a choice of appetising soups provide an array of lunch options.  The Christchurch mobile coffee cafe also offers a range of hot and cold drinks.

Espresso Menu

  Regular  Large 
Espresso  $5  
Macchiato  $5  
Long black  $5  
Cappuccino  $5.5  $6
Flat white  $5.50  $6
Latte  $4.00  $4.50
Mocha  $4.50  $5.00
Hot chocolate  $4.00  $4.50
Chai latte  $4.00  $4.50
Hot lemon and honey  $4.00  $4.50
Hot blackcurrant  $4.00  $4.50
Fluffy  $1.00  
Soy  $0.50  
Syrups  $1.00  
Decaf available    

Sweet/savoury snacks & lunches

Fresh baked muffins  
(Savoury and sweet)  $4.00
Iced carrot cake muffins  $5.00
Afghans  $3.50
Melting moments  $2.50
Sandwich  selection  $5.00
Scones  $3.00
Salad  $7.50
Chocolate & raspberry brownie*  $4.50
Heat & eat (winter)  
Pastrami melt  $6.50
Double bacon & egg hot sub  $6.50
Pumpkin soup*  $6.00
Tomato soup*  $6.00
Beef lasagne  $8.50

*gluten free items